Friday, March 26, 2010

Pierce bigs up Carey at The Greatest premiere

Pierce Brosnan has been heaping praise on young British actress Carey Mulligan, who stars alongside him in new drama The Greatest.

Brosnan, who also produced the film, spoke to the press at the LA premiere.

He said: "You want the best for this young woman. She's a beautiful young lady. And she has the whole open road ahead of her. And when you work with talent like that and it's so potent, it's just a delight to see. So you cannot but wish her the best."

Academy Award-nominated Mulligan also walked the red carpet and spoke highly of co-stars Brosnan and Susan Sarandon.

She said: "You know, they both really kind of embraced the whole family of the film really. And Susan, you know, she lived in New York, and she had us round to her house for dinners. And her sons were involved with the film. And so she really kind of mothered us. And Pierce was just brilliant. I mean, he was the producer as well. And had a real connection to the story. And put himself into it a hundred per cent."

The film explores how a grief-stricken family deals with the sudden death of their teenage son and grapples with the news that a girl he loved is pregnant.

Carey portrays the young mother-to-be. Brosnan plays the father of her high school crush and Susan Sarandon plays his mother.

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