Friday, April 16, 2010

Paul Verhoeven Bows Out of 'Thomas Crown Affair 2'

Once upon a time, there was a sequel planned to the 1999 remake of The Thomas Crown Affair. Director Paul Verhoeven was brought aboard to direct the film, with Pierce Brosnan returning to reprise the title role, and possibly featuring Angelina Jolie by his side.
Then, the project just seemed to go away, possibly into that wonderful realm Hollywood insiders refer to as "development hell".

Now, in a new interview with MTV, Paul Verhoeven reveals what happened with himself and the project.

"No, I am not [involved] anymore," Verhoeven said. "Things happened there, the regime changed. The initial ideas that they had about 'Thomas Crown 2' were interesting I thought. There was a script written by two young writers that used the fact that now we're living 15, 20 years later."

"Ultimately, [the studio] decided not to [use] that script anymore," he added "... And basically I felt that I could not follow [on the project]."

What this means for the sequel is anyone's guess, but the recent reorganization over at United Artists and MGM — the film's production company and distributor, respectively — are probably what Verhoeven is referring to. The Thomas Crown Affair was one of those rare examples of a sequel that actually surpassed the original, so it would be interesting to see what another installment might hold.

For now, though, it seems everything is on hold.

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