Sunday, April 11, 2010

pierce brosnan... Topkapi Affair

Beaks: I'll use my last question to ask about the status of the THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR sequel. The first film has endured; it's really a terrific little movie. Is the sequel moving forward? Is it still called THE TOPKAPI AFFAIR?

Brosnan: It won't be called THE TOPKAPI AFFAIR. At the moment it's just THOMAS CROWN. Or THOMAS CROWN 2. TC2. That's what's on the scripts - and there have been a few. (Laughs) We'll do it. We must do it. It wasn't my idea to do it, but I'm going to do it. No names mentioned of who wanted us to do it, but studio heads have such bright ideas. Yes, the character has endured; it seems to have created its own life. So to see this man ten years down the line still doing what he does - living the life, doing a bit of thievery, and a love affair with some beautiful woman - why not? We're making our best effort to do it. It's not easy, but our best effort. Dear old MGM is... dear old MGM, you know? (Laughs) It's just trying to sort itself out again.

You're probably tired of hearing about this, but what is the latest on The Thomas Crown Affair 2?

PB: Well, oh dear. Well, again, the studio is in such disarray at the moment. We're not sure who's going to buy it. I think someone's bought it. We have the script in; I think this is about the fourth draft. We're all very happy with it, but it still needs work. So there you go. I would like to say that come the autumn we will be ready to start shooting... There's a few other things before that, other pictures I'm signed up to do, so I still have employment...

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