Friday, June 18, 2010

pierce brosnan wife Cassandra Harris Memoirs:2

Between her income from For Your Eye Only and Brosnan's from Manions of America, the couple now felt financially secure enough to marry after a three-year courtship - a delightful contrast from Cassandra's previous unrequited, on-off relationship with Dermot Harris. The wedding took place at King's Road Registry Office in Chelsea - the ideal setting considering Cassie's last notable acting role (and of course, what the then-unknown name Brosnan was to become years later). This was not only home to some of Britain's biggest screen stars, but also where Ian Fleming completed his first Bond novel, and the fictional home of agent 007 himself.

Cassandra's popularity amidst London's social scene once again prompted a picture story from the Sunday People magazine. Wedding photos showed Brosnan donning a fawn-colored suit, and Cassandra, ravishing as ever, in a matching skirt and top. The two children wore their best outfits. The photo captions stated Brosnan's age as 27, and Cassie was listed as "30." She was much older, however; some twelve years older than her new husband. Had the magazine's writers known this, no doubt they would have dubbed him her "toyboy."

Becoming wife to Pierce Brosnan gave Cassandra a new sense of direction in life. From the date of their marriage on December 27, 1980, she became devoted to helping her new husband succeed.

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