Monday, August 23, 2010

Romanian director to work on Pierce Brosnan film

Adrian Popovici will co-direct, alongside Mo Ramchandani, the film “Bonded”, starting in November, in Lost Angeles, for six weeks. Pierce Brosnan stars in the move as the cop who “exposes a network which peddles children from underdeveloped countries, from Mexico, Romania, India, forced to work in basements, like slaves”, mostly in the clothing industry. Whereas the protagonist will be a Mexican boy named Jesus, sold by his father and smuggled into the United States to be exploited, fooled into thinking he would be taken to Disneyland, the film will also feature a Romanian little girl – whom the boy will get to know in the basement where he is working like a convict.

The two directors will work with 20 children, but none of the parts have been cast yet. Pierce Brosnan will be working pro bono, as the production company representing the American side is owned by his son, Sean: Irish Dream Time. The film’s total budget amounts to almost USD 3 M, Adrian Popovici stated, for Cinemagia, out of which the Romanian contribution is almost USD 250,000, that is, the amount which the production company Artis Film won in this edition of the cinematographic projects competition.

“We have an American agent who recommended the film to us,” Popovici stated, adding that he is not nervous in any way, although he is about to shoot with Pierce Brosnan, as he has already worked with other foreign actors, such as Michael Ironside (Top Gun, Total Recall, Free Willy), Dustin Milligan, Amy Beth Hayes – for the film “Eva”, and is now in production with “Se cauta o mama” (Mom Wanted), starring the selfsame Michael Ironside, vas Blackwood and actors from Moldova, as the story is set in Transdniestr.

Adrian Popovici argues “you either go to the festivals or make a commercial movie”, and that he “tends” to make commercial movies, as “we can’t be left only with the festival features, while the rest of the movies are left lying in the National Centre of Cinematography’s cellars”. However, his 2008 production, “Un acoperis deasupra capului” (A Roof On Top of One’s Head), brought only 739 viewers and, after four weeks, was pulled out of the cinemas, while Romanian film critics blamed him of having ruined a script which had great potential.

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  1. It has to happen some time untill the film is projected, but I can not wait to see her.Happens every day in real life. Sure will be very interesting. A lot of sure, will be very lucky in the shoot. Everything goes well.
    Regards Rosa F M