Thursday, October 14, 2010

007: Licence to Till

Former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan has got a new licence to till - flogging groceries for cut price Spar supermarkets in Austria.

The one-time 007 appears in a series of ads for the budget stores wearing the legendary spy's trademark black dinner jacket.

Star Brosnan has become the face of the stores' upmarket 'Premium' range with luxury chocs, pasta and vodka for Bond's favourite vodka martinis.

Last year the discount stores signed up supermodel Cindy Crawford to promote a new line of beauty products in Europe.

"He'd certainly be able to get his trolly to the front of the queue if he still had all James Bond's gadgets on it," said one shopper.


  1. Despite the time elapsed since your last James Bond movie, the people have not forgotten about him and remains an image of various products, because it's very attractive. The natural thing would be for the last James Bond was the one who represent them to be more recent in our memory, but is that PIERCE, and it's very natural that they choose to represent those bands.

  2. Happy Halloween to you and your family.
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