Saturday, October 2, 2010

heyyyyyyyyy man !

Diet another day: Pierce Brosnan makes no secret of big belly as he piles on the pounds
He made his name by playing tall, dark and handsome James Bond on the big screen.But Pierce Brosnan looked nothing like a secret agent yesterday as he stepped out in Los Angeles.The Irish-born actor was sporting a rather rotund physique as he ran errands, and with his stomach dropping over his waistband, the 57-year-old is clearly cleTomorrow never diets: Pierce looks nothing like his sexy super agent role not the sexy spy he used to be.The GoldenEye star made no effort to hide his burgeoning belly, wearing a tight white shirt that emphasised every unflattering bulge.And with this new look, it's not likely Pierce will be asked to reprise his hunky James Bond role.These days, the actor seems to be thinking more about environmental issues than his increasing weight gain.
The bulge is not enough: Pierce played James Bond in four films altogetherI don't think he is that proud of his Irish roots. I remember him as a scruffy little kid in Navan Ireland. My gran took him in and looked after him when he was suffering from family problems. getting out of there was the best thing that happened to him.Casino Royale with cheese: Daniel Craig replaced Pierce as Bond in 1995Tomorrow never diets: Pierce looks nothing like his sexy super agent role

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  1. He remains just as sexy, even with some "michelin". It's my favorite because it has not been frozen in time, this better now than in James Bond. Regards.