Friday, March 4, 2011

Susanne Bier Set to Direct Pierce Brosnan for 'All You Need is Love'

Pierce Brosnan and Danish director Susanne Bier ...

After taking home the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film last weekend for her Danish film In a Better World, director Susanne Bier is venturing into the world of romantic comedy. 24 Frames reports the filmmaker will collaborate with actor Pierce Brosnan on All You Need is Love, a romance that will apparently be lighter fare than her previous work on films like Things We Lost in the Fire. The filmmaker says, "It’s a tender story with a much lighter atmosphere than my previous works: Enough with conflicts." Little is know about the story, but it follows a Danish family and was written with Pierce Brosnan in mind.

Brosnan has been no stranger to romantic comedies recently with a turn in Mamma Mia!, and I'm looking forward to seeing him do anything to help wash the terrible taste out of my mouth after seeing him in the wretched religious comedy Salvation Boulevard at Sundance (read my mini-review here). As for the film's focus on a Danish family, it's not clear if the film will still be in English (apparently Brosnan doesn't speak Danish), but it may just be a bilingual film. Either way, the actor is definitely excited about the film saying it's a "delightful love story which has punch and deals with loss and a great love." Anyone interested?

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