Sunday, December 13, 2009

Robert Pattinson is respected by Pierce Brosnan !!

Robert Pattinson would definitely be flattered at this. The ex-bond brosnan says that he is all respect to the young vampire star.

In a recent interview with thedaily record, Brosnan had to say many good things about Robert Pattinson. With all praises for his performance in Twilight, he said that he was quite impressed with this new talent.

Pattinson is Brosnan co-star in their forthcoming movie “Remember Me” and Pattinson’s working off-sets too might have impressed this veteran actor. Brosnan says, “I think when you see “Remember Me”, you’ll see Robert giving a fantastic performance. He’s really working hard to work on his performance and acting and who he is.”

It is always good to hear praises from all. But when the compliment for a newcomer and young actor comes from a Hollywood veteran, it is surely to bring joys for the former. It is great to see this ex-bond star giving respect to an upcoming star and that is certainly going to get Pattinson some real good platforms.

Hollywood is all set to see some new talents replacing the old and more talented ones and that too with their share of respect and praise from the veteran stars. Here’s Pierce Brosnan setting an example by praising his “Remember Me” co-star Pattinson, the same way the whole world is admiring the Twilight star.

One more feather added to Pattinson’s cap!

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