Sunday, March 7, 2010

pierce brosnan....come to the awards ceremony drunk

Brosnan award ceremony was drunk .
absurd and the motion abuk satisfied Keely smit has not forgotten overnight

towards one another in a long time since the show was still cold binary

gossip among aging Pierce Brosnan as the happy couple did not divorce because of her impotent oldugu is said to play a role

To show the weak continuous fat continuous black wearing a sports teacher Keely smit recently hired by Brosnan, but the housewife not to lose weight and never smit

women are found in other environmentalist Pierce Brosnan .Why did you choose it.? men in this community and let the bragging even your wife to hate
ridiculous situation are falling.

with this ridiculous move others not only yourself blood

How is a marriage full of false and fraudulent lies

displays and a sick mother these movements is not nice to behave like a noble woman never does

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  1. A thousand good friends of mine in India have tried drinks and gone crazy, really regrettably crazy, coz we are just not made for them/not used to them/cannot handle them... and they talk garbage. :-). Next day they are a total joke in the group or pool!!! :-). Of course, as long as it doesn't get obnoxious and fun-filled ramble, it is OK. Can't afford to keep repeating it though... :-). Am sure one and all will agree to it.