Friday, April 16, 2010

pierce brosnan ...freedom of thought ..

If these women are in low in fat, ugly, anyway.
Why did not you marry a paparazziyle
I would get rid of us
to see that ugly face.
Pierce Brosnan stick like a leech
Your environment pollution
Pierce Brosnan loves to be intimate with women are sex offender
fuck yourself and then make each occasion, the force
I hate a woman like you to have a reason
Brosnan also when you go home to your disgusting filt
these women do not divorce because they have two children
h offender is exposed to vagaries
pierce loves this woman's children is not
Smit divorced woman who is not already in the invitation will be exposed as foolish excess
lacks feelings of pride and honor
Pierce Brosnan fans, we have an upset stomach as you
Leave us alone in our films who turned against you, if not get it
Are you going anywhere like Frog
As fans we want our rights
Mr Brosnan films I see your face, he paid the money not your wife
Now we do not accept our kind of adjectives critics loads even with the power of money off our blog do you get
If the correct thing in saying what they fired nine long live the village dublin
young Irish fans just love you
We do not suck, we have the right to criticize
freedom of thought low-women, non-sectarian keely smit
Unfortunately, your partner in such cameras to photograph their loves her love machines
photographic machines to spread radiation to the environment in every shot
Keely Smit environmentalists say how much politicians who cucumber
The only difference is that women's magazines monkey

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