Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pierce Brosnan on Mamma Mia! sequel rumours

PIERCE BROSNAN has addressed the speculation about another

mamma mia movie.He starred as architect Sam Carmichael opposite Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried in the 2008 Abba-themed musical comedy based on the West End hit

There have been rumours about a follow-up but Brosnan has ruled out the idea.

He told us: "Leave them wanting more, less is more, and I don't think we could top what we did the first time. It was such a phenomenal success."

The actor can be seen as Chiron the centaur in fantasy adventure Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, now out on DVD and Blu-ray.

He added that he was enjoying trying new roles after becoming well-known as James Bond in four 007 movies.

Brosnan said: "I've always seen myself as a working actor and I will remain a working actor for as long as I'm in this business. I was trained and I was lead to believe that I could play many different roles.

"James Bond was a phenomenal chapter in my life and I'm very grateful I played that role - it's allowed me to go on and create my own movies and to be in movies like Percy Jackson.

"Hopefully I can stay at the table for as long as I can. For me now, you want to be an unexpected surprise.

"[Director] Chris [Columbus] and I worked together on Mrs Doubtfire and [Percy Jackson] is a wonderful book, very fertile ground, so I'm deeply proud to be part of it."

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